build your 

how it works

1 • Get the ingredients

Add a Koral refill and a few Koral extras (which contains herbal extracts, fragrances, essential oils)

2 • Add water

Typical liquid beauty products are 80% made of water. Why not add it by ourselves?

3 • Build your product

The Koralizer warms and blends everything.
In about 20 minutes, your product is ready. Enjoy it!

Koral Refills

Clean, simple, natural toiletry bars

Made with 100% natural ingredients, meaning no parabens, no sulfates, and no chemical additives

Packaged in recycled paper, they are 100% plastic-free. And since we love the environment, they are also cruelty-free, and do not contain palm-oil

They fit inside the Koral bottles, where they are dissolved with water to create a smooth and uniform solution

For the hair
For the body

Koral Extras

You choose the additional ingredients

Most beauty products are designed to work for everyone, but each body is different and needs different care

Koral extras are capsules of herb extracts, natural oils, and fragrances that you can use to create your unique formula. And don't worry, we will help you select what is good for your hair and body

Koral Bottles

Made to last forever

Made of borosilicate glass, the Koral bottles add a touch of modern in your bathroom (and won't break if they accidentally fall in the shower)

Unlike plastic bottles which end up in landfills or the ocean after their usage, Koral bottles are made to be refilled and reused forever

The Koralizer

The device that makes the magic

Thanks to its patent pending technology, the Koralizer heats and blends all of the ingredients inside the Koral bottles until they form a stable and homogeneous solution

A single device works with multiple bottles and you only need to use it when your bottles are empty (~once/month)

why Koral?

for your health

We use natural oils and natural extracts in our ingredients. You choose and mix just the ingredients you need, nothing else.

for our world

Say bye to plastic! Our ingredients are dry and they are packaged in biodegradable paper.
They are dissolved with water to refill our beautiful bottles.

for your wallet

Since Koral ingredients do not contain water, they are much smaller and lighter than regular toiletries. This means it takes less money (and CO2) to transport them from factories to you, so we (and you) can save money.

watch how it works