10 reasons to love Koral


1) Plastic-Free 🌎 

This is the most important (at least, for us).

We started this adventure with the goal of eliminating single-use plastic which is poisoning our oceans and the marine wildlife.

We are pleased to be the first to offer a plastic-free solution for liquid beauty products, and we hope others will follow us because, in the end, we can only win this battle if we fight together!


2) Reduce CO2 🚚

Koral ingredients are solid and concentrated and therefore they weigh 10 times less than regular liquid toiletries. This means we enormously reduce CO2 during the transportation from our factories to your door.


3) Quality, control, and transparency 🧐

With Koral you can combine different ingredients to create a formula that is customized for you.

You can choose from a large selection of high-quality raw ingredients, each one with a well-specified purpose.

Customization also means you control what goes in your body. Why adding something if you don't need it, or worse, if it might be harmful to you?


4) Vegan, cruelty-free, palm-oil free 🌱

Our primary mission is to help the environment and its inhabitants. This is why our ingredients are vegan and are not tested on animals.

Additionally, we try to preserve biodiversity (this is why our name comes from the coral reefs), and therefore we don't use palm oil, which is the primary cause of biodiversity loss in many countries


5) Goodbye preservatives 👋

Preservatives are only used when a product is liquid and needs to be kept on shelves for several months or years.

Since the Koral ingredients are solid, we keep a minimal amount of preservatives, enough to ensure that once you add water, you can use them for six months.


6) A good investment 💰

While there is an upfront cost for the Koralizer, Koral is an investment that will save you a lot of money over time.

Other brands charge you $20-$30 for a bottle of customized high-quality shampoo, while you only pay $4-6 (depending on the ingredients you use) with us.


7) Elegant look 💎

Give your bathroom a modern makeover with our elegant, minimalist, glass bottles.


8) Fressssshhhhh ☕

Do you feel the difference between a cappuccino in a can and another which has just been brewed by your favorite barista?

If so, just wait to feel the pleasure to wash your hair with a warm homemade shampoo.


9) Delivered to your door, just twice a year 📦

Say goodbye to carrying heavy packages from your grocery store! Koral ingredients get delivered to your door!

Additionally, they are concentrated and therefore small, so you can store an entire year of beauty products in a small drawer and just use them to refill the bottles when you need them.


10) Koral can travel ✈️

Traveling somewhere with a carry-on? You won't need to buy your liquid beauty products again, because Koral ingredients are solid and can travel with you!